Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
GlobeNet Wireless Broadband is an innovative start-up company that provides wireless broadband internet connections to several Dhaka Metropolitan Areas. Utilizing Wi-MAX technology and proprietary antennas and repeaters, GlobeNet will be able to serve a larger area with broadband Internet connections. GlobeNet was been founded by Fahad Karim. With a MBA and an undergraduate Computer Science degree from the Harvard University (USA), Fahad has the skills to execute on this well-researched business plan. Fahad spent two years in the Karim Associates, which gave him not only an incredible and reasonable boost in confidence to accomplish a business venture, but also provided him with solid project management skills and experience. The market for wireless broadband Internet connections in Bangladesh is new but is widely open. Demand for traditional broadband connections is surpassing conservative forecasts. The wireless market is even more exciting due to the...
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