Executive Summar of Samsung

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Marketing Plan

Samsung Electronics

Kent State University East Liverpool

BMRT 21050-300
Joseph Gillis
Spring 2013

Table of Contents
l.Executive Summary
ll.Environmental Analysis
A. Marketing Environment
B. Target Market
C. Current Marketing Objectives and Performance
lll.SWOT Analysis
A. Strengths
B. Weaknesses
C. Opportunities
D. Threats
lV. Marketing Objectives
V.Marketing Strategies
A. Target Market
B. Marketing Mix
Vl.Marketing Implementation
A. Marketing Organization
B. Activities and Responsibilities
C. Implementation Timetable
Vll.Evaluation and Control
A. Performance Standards
B. Financial Control and Monitoring Procedures
Vlll. Works Cited
Executive Summary
Samsung is a company that has been steadily growing throughout the last decade. Samsung has made themselves noticeable as one of the most innovative, quality brands in the electronics industry. They strive to be sustainable and achieve competitive advantage by remaining at the forefront of the digital market. Samsung’s policy is to devote human resources and technologies to create superior products and service thereby contributing to a better global society.

Samsung is one of the world’s largest technology providers. It was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938. It started out as a trading company exporting various products from South Korea to Beijing, China. The word Samsung means “three stars” in Korean. It became the name that was associated with different types of business establishments in South Korea and in various parts of the world.

Samsung electronics was born in 1969. The company started acquiring and creating different business establishments including a hospital, a paper manufacturing company, Life Insurance Company, department stores and many others. The company was becoming a household name starting in its own country of Korea and spanning its reach to many other cities...
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