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Financial exclusion in two speed Leeds

Executive Report
Research into Financial Exclusion in Leeds and a study of alternative community based credit and savings systems, undertaken by Community Finance Solutions at Salford University on behalf of Leeds City Council.

Financial Exclusion Report for Leeds City Council 2004

Leeds is a prosperous city. It is not only prosperous in its own right but acts as a generator for wealth, which goes well beyond its immediate boundaries. Leeds image as a prosperous city is well documented and commentators from around the country pay tribute to the success Leeds has enjoyed in recent decades. However, increasingly over the years, Leeds has become recognised as a two-speed city. Much of the city is prosperous but significant pockets of poverty are to be found in many areas. Over 20% of electoral wards in Leeds are recognised as being amongst the most deprived in the whole of England. This manifests itself in many different ways: neighbourhoods facing poor housing and poverty, higher crime rates and generally run down environments. Services enjoyed by the vast majority of the citizens of Leeds are not taken for granted in these deprived communities at the heart of the city. A city which only looks at the good headlines and fails to recognise its weaknesses, cannot be regarded as one which is inclusive and embodies the aspirations of all its citizens. There are many examples of work being undertaken by the Council, which illustrate the overall prosperity of the city of Leeds. The research on which this report is based concentrates on those parts of the city, which do not normally find themselves at the forefront of our promotional activities. Councillor Andrew Carter Chair, Leeds Economy Partnership December 2004 In uncovering the significant difficulties which many of our communities face we are also exposing ourselves to the need to take action. The research embodied in this report must only be the beginning. The task ahead is to work with all our partners to try to ensure that the communities affected by financial exclusion are provided with services which meet their particular needs and, in so doing, assist in the process of narrowing the gap. We believe that commissioning this research was a brave step. It has uncovered evidence of the extent of deprivation and the absence of access to financial services for many of our citizens. It has highlighted the impact of this on people’s lives. It shows that there is considerable work to be done in providing the kinds of services to these communities which are taken for granted by most of the population.

Financial Exclusion Report for Leeds City Council 2004

Leeds Study
Financial Exclusion – Its Impact on Individuals, Disadvantaged Communities and the City Economy

A Report by Dr Karl Dayson of Community Finance Solutions at the University of Salford, with Jane Dawson of Community Consultants

“My mother died and I was left on my own to look after my sister. I had to give up my job and could not pay my overdraft. It has changed everything I don't have any money and I just sit here trying to figure everything out. I did not even know I could get child benefit for my sister.” Leeds resident on the experience of being in debt.

December 2004
A copy of the full report of the Leeds study is available on the Leeds City Council web site at www.leeds.gov.uk (from the home page follow the “Site Index” alphabetic link)

Copyright reserved University of Salford

Financial Exclusion Report for Leeds City Council 2004


Executive Summary Summary of Key Findings Economic Impact of Financial Exclusion Comparison with Other Surveys Recommendations Glossary of Terms Addendum: Assessing the Impact on Leeds of the Chancellor’s Pre-Budget Report

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Financial Exclusion Report for Leeds City Council 2004


Executive Summary
This report examines the extent of financial exclusion in...
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