Executive Leadership Summary

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Executive Leadership Summary
LDR 535 - Leading Change

Executive Leadership Summary
With change comes resistance in many forms. The job of the consultant is to help the organization move past the excuses for why there is a need for change, and focus on how to implement the change to ensure satisfaction with the departments of the organization after the change occurs. The consultant must predict certain resistance as well as uncover potential resistance from the parties involved with the change initiative. The current system outsources payroll processing, which costs the company more than $8,000. Transferring data in the current system involves multiple parties. For example, an employee’s supervisor writes a written submission of changes to an employee’s personal information. The supervisor passes the information to an accounting clerk to enter the information into the system. The current system requires employees to receive approval from store managers for time sheets manually filled out by the employees each week; any corrections to time sheets must receive approval from the direct supervisor and the store manager. In the current system, store managers are responsible for maintaining employee files in the respective stores because there is no central file area; the files contain information about each employee, including job application, performance reviews, and disciplinary memos (if any). The files also contain requests for vacations and personal time off. A third party provider manages any workers’ compensation claims; the third party keeps its own records. The new HRIS software system centralizes and organizes employee information into one database, which every store can access. Implementing the new HRIS software system will increase operational efficiency but also creates dissatisfaction among employees because of the consolidation of certain steps in the data collection process for Kudler Fine Foods. Some store managers will resist the change...
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