Executing the Carnival Band Event

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Milestone Inc was founded in 2006 by a group of five individuals who have a passion for conceptualizing, planning and executing events.

Our goal is simple: to provide creative event design and quality individualized coordination service, enthusiasm, and advice. We take pride and pleasure in planning and managing the smallest details to the overall production of an event.

The key to any successful event is its careful planning and seamless execution. Milestone Inc. provides end to end solutions that have established the benchmark for providing professional event management services to the Barbadian market since 2006.

At Milestone Inc. our commitment to excellence is the key to your successful event. We focus on quality, not quantity; producing a select number of corporate special occasions annually. Each of our clients receives our full hands-on attention and dedication. We are driven by pride in our ability to deliver quality service to a discerning clientele. Milestone Inc. will leave no detail overlooked.

Mission Statement:To not only meet, but exceed each client's goals: we are dedicated to delivering individualized event design and management services, with an emphasis on detail, quality and creativity.|

As part of their five year anniversary celebrations, Milestone Inc. has decided to host a community costume band to take part in Grand Kadooment 2011.


DAR VUELTA (Giving Back)



This costume band will cater to 200 – 250 revellers on the road Kadooment morning.

Project Name:Dar Vuelta (Giving Back)
Start Date:08 May 2011
End Date:08 August 2011

Project Goal:To give the Company visibility through corporate social responsibility

The main project objectives are:

* To take part in Kadooment Day 2011.
* To earn revenue and raise funds for the company.
* To conceptualize, plan and host a costume band.
* To contribute 10% of profits made to a charity of choice. * To honor and contribute to the corporate social responsibility of Barbados.

End Conditions:

* Profit of no less than $25,000.00
* Customer satisfaction
* Full membership (190 – 225 revellers)
* Thank you fete


* Successful Event Planning
* Customer Satisfaction
* Revenue and Profit


* Time – 3 months

* Cost - $100,000.00 or less

* Quality:Costumes
Customer Service
Sales Services

* Scope:Launch Fete
3 pre-Kadooment fetes to represent sections
Limit of 250 revellers
Price per costume - $400.00 or less
Thank you fete

Scope Creep: Jouvert Band


* Lack of sponsorship
* Unavailability of bandhouse
* Insufficient membership



Assumption| Contingency Plan|
* Generator failure| * Availability of back-up generator| * Music failure| * Sound check and back-up equipment| * Shortage or late arrival of imported costumes| * All materials available in Barbados and will not alter the original cost of costumes| * Truck and equipment failure| * Mechanic and personnel available along with back-up truck| * Drink shortage| * Use of drinks on consignment for Thank you fete| * Medical emergencies| * Private ambulance and medical personnel available|


* Personnel including the project team
* Location for band house
* Funds/sponsorship
* Refreshments
* Administrative support
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