Excutive Order 9066

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, United States, President of the United States Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: August 18, 2010
Executive Order 9066

Misael Calvillo
Period 5

Executive Order 9066 wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t necessary because there was a lot of innocent Japanese families that got separated because of Executive Order 9066.There are many reasons why Executive Order 9066 wasn’t necessary. I think that Executive Order 9066 made the Japanese feel like if they were in a prison camp. I’m going to write about the reasons why Executive Order 9066 was not necessary.

One reason why Executive Order 9066 was not necessary is because many families got separated. Executive Order 9066 was wrong because a lot of people there got sick. People there got diarrhea and stomach cramps from Typhoid shots. Later on they got sick from the food they were given. They got sick from food because it would sometimes overcook the food. The food there would also spoil from being left out to much.

The second reason why Executive Order 9066 was wrong is because they had to share their “homes” with twelve other people. Their “homes’’ were barracks and they were only sixteen by twenty feet. The barracks were too small for twelve, and only one light bulb in the middle of the room. The barracks only had one oil stove per room. Most of the barracks had open spaces between floorboards and the grounds. Gaps also showed between the planks, and as weeks passed the green wood dried out, and the gaps would widened.

The third reason why I think that executive order 9066 was wrong is because is because a lot of Chinese people suffered for no reason whatsoever. President Roosevelt overreacted over the attack of pearl harbor. President Roosevelt acted to fast when he could've just attack Japanese people in Japan, even though that by attacking Japan a war between Japan and the USA could've started. I think that if Japan and the USA started a war Japan could've probably win. many reasons support my idea why I think that Japan could beat the usa. One of my reasons is that that USA are...
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