Excuses for Being Late

Topics: Person, Individual, Friendship Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Being an individual is important, individaulity is being able to do things for yourself and being able to think for yourself. Do you have something you love to do? Or do you love it because a friend or family member loves it? Are you an individual? Or do you listen to everything your friends tell you to do? Do you have your own persionaltiy?

Are we ultimately robbed of the opportunity to be an individual because we are always moving in a group? Students are always hanging with friends and being around people, does that mean we arent individual, no most people are very much independent. Most people believe that moving in a group builds up or social skills. Just because we move in a group doesn’t mean we arent our own person. It just means we are social, we learn as a group so why cant we move as a group. Are our personal interests compromized? Almost everybody has a personal interest, whether it’s swimming or fishing,or even reading a book, what ever it is they’ve made it they’re own. Whats your personal interest? We may move in a group but that doesn’t mean our personal interests are compromized. This may not be true for everybody, Maybe not everybody is an individual and if that’s you then ask yourself why not? Why do I feel im not an individual? Being an individual means you are your own person. Really think about what being an individual means to you then ask yourself am I an individual? Am I my own person? If the answer is no then find something whetever it maybe and do it. Despite what your friends or family may say,if you love it that is all that matters. So no we are not robbed or being an individual and our personal interests are not compromized. In my oppinion being an individual is a choice we can choosse to be our ownperson or we can choose to let people control us. Its up to you.
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