Excuse Me While I Explode: Critical Thinking.

Topics: Home, Household behavior and family economics, Family Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Excuse Me While I Explode: My Mother, Myself, My Anger
The Author, E.S Maduro is very angry at the situation her mother finds herself in. She is angry that her father never helps her mother with house chores. When she was younger, she did not really care about her father not helping her mother with chores around the house because everything was done for her by the time she got back from school. As she grew older, she started noticing that only her mother did house chores and her father did not. She was disappointed and angry with her mother for not asking for help and she was also determined to never be in a relationship with a man like her father.

“Laundry, and dusting and shopping were far outside my elementary-school-age mind”. Here, Maduro admits that when she was younger, she was naïve about the chores at home. (255). “As I grew older, however, my awareness of our household began to change”. Here it shows that as a person grows older, he or she becomes more responsible.”

Even though she was busy at home taking care of the house, Maduro’s mother went back to school, at age of forty-five. “My mother went back to school, at age of forty-five, became a special ed teacher. After that she, she often came home exhausted at 5:30 and began making dinner.” He she starts to see how hard her mother works and begins to feel for her. (255).

She also started noticing how her mother does not have time for herself and only time for taking care of the house. “Gradually, I began to notice that never seemed to have a moment for herself.” She feels sorry for her mother, that she does not have time for herself that she is always busy taking care of the chores at the house without her husband helping her. In other hand, she also starts noticing that her father who does all the manly chores of the house always time left for his hobbies. ‘I realized that my father, who took care of all the “manly” household chores— chopping wood, killing mice, still had time for a...
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