Excursis Iii: the Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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                          Woman in Egypt we equal to the men in Egypt. They had just as much right to do pretty much anything a man could do. Rather than gender being the deciding factor of who was able to do what the Egyptians where more focused on a person’s given class. It is, to this day, unknown why the Egyptians were of the only civilization to look on woman as equals.

                          From most of the legal document that was able to be deciphered woman were allowed to do so many things, depending on their social status.  Women were allowed to manage their own personal property, this included slaves, property, money, servants, and livestock. They were also allowed to initiate litigation in court freely without the need of male representation like in other ancient civilizations.

                          There were several ways for an Egyptian woman to acquire possessions and property. Most frequently, a woman would receive it as gifts or as an inheritance from her parents or husband, or she could receive it through purchases using goods she earned either through employment, or that she borrowed. Under Egyptian property law, a woman owned one third of the community property in her marrage, meaning after she was married one third of what was accrued to her husband would be hers. When a woman brought her own private property to a marriage, this would remain hers, but in most cases the husband had free use of it. However, in the event of divorce her property had to be returned to her, in addition to any divorce settlement that might be stipulated in the original marriage contract.

                          It was “unsafe” for an Egyptian woman to venture far from her town alone. Ramesses III says in one inscription, "I enabled the woman of Egypt to go her own way, her journeys being extended where she wanted, without any person assaulting her on the road." Althoug it was said elsewhere to "Be on your guard against a woman from abroad, who is...
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