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  • Published: August 29, 2012
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LYTS518 – Excursion to the Sports Facilities in Jyväskylä

University of Jyväskylä
Department of Sports Sciences
Anna Katriina Salmikangas
Sport Planning

March 2010


The Jyväskylä day excursion offered an opportunity to visit and familiarize with various sport facilities in the Jyväskylä municipality and area. The excursion provided valuable information on the sport facilities and gave an insight to some of the physical activities engaged in by people around the area especially the effort to encourage senior citizens to be more physically active.

Jyvaskyla municipality boasts of some of the best sport infra-structure in Finland and offers opportunity for sport for every category from the amateur to elite level, the facilities are adequately suitable for the sport for all project catering for people at all levels from childhood to senior citizens. The facilities range from the old renovated sport infrastructures of Vaajakoski to the modern Synergy arena in Jyväskylä city. The facilities are spread across the municipality given access to people from various part of the municipality though this could also have a negative impact as some of the facilities could be difficult to reach especially for people coming from other parts of the municipality where the facility is not immediately accessible.

The excursion provided insight to the reason why Jyväskylä is considered one of the municipality in Finland that is actively pursuing and supporting a physical active life style for her citizens and also the reason why it is a centre of research and project for physical activity in Finland. Various observations were made during the trip both positive and negative, below are some of the observation recorded from the facilities visited and some suggestions for further improvement and increase in utilization of the facilities.


Vaajakoski (Outdoor Rink, Track & Field center and multipurpose hall) Positive
* All year round...
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