Excursion Policy Victoria

Topics: Education, Teacher, Risk management Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: November 4, 2010
This report is an analysis and discussion of the Victorian Excursion Policy. An excursion is classified under the policy as being an activity undertaken outside of the school for educational purposes; this includes camps, adventure trips, as well as day excursions. The policy is a lengthy guideline for schools to follow when organising an activity outside of the school for its students. The only exemption to the policy is work experience. The guideline is designed to ensure the protection and safety of both staff and students attending an excursion.

The excursion policy covers many different aspects of excursions and the expectations on the school, the staff attending the excursion and the student also. The policy outlines who is responsible for the approval of excursions, in some cases it may be the approval of the principal and in others (such as camps) it is the approval of the school council that is required. It also covers the selection of venue for the proposed excursion. The selection of the venue must be decided upon using sound risk management principles. They must be assessed in regards to their safety and suitability as well as any risks associated with the activity at the venue to the students and teachers. The policy outlines a detailed list of factors to consider when choosing a venue for an excursion, whether it is for a day visit or a camp. Camps used by schools must be accredited campsites; these are defined as sites that have permanent facilities, for example kitchens, toilets, dormitory accommodation. There are also detailed guidelines within the policy on overseas travel, emergency management whilst on an excursion, identity tags, notification of school activity, communications during activity, first aid, parental/guardian approval, student medical information, guidelines for supervision and excursion staff. It is a very details policy that gives very clear rules on what needs to be done in regards to any...
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