Excursion Airlines

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Angel Gracia
Practical Problem
Excursion Airlines

Practical Problem 3

1) Describe the red flags, if any, that you find in the maintenance information. There are several red flags in the invoices. There are several invoice numbers that are repeated and have an A at the end of the repeated invoice.

2) Based on your results, what types of fraud schemes may be indicated? This shows that invoices were made twice for large amounts possibly by fraudsters that have approved the transactions. It’s very clear that the invoices were recorded this way.

3) Does this information indicate a potential suspect?
This was done by both Orr and Nately within 2 vendor’s accounts Midware Aircraft Supply and MFI Avionics.

Practical Problem 4

1) Do you notice anything suspicious on the face of the invoice from Syntech Systems? If so, what are your opinions about the company? One obvious red flag about the invoice is that it is sent to a P.O. Box which shows that there may be fraud cause if a business is located somewhere the money would be sent to the companies location not a P.O. Box. Also All the transaction were approved to Syntech Systems by only one person Brian Snowden. My opinion about the company is that fraud is a very big possibility and the company should look into this more thoroughly by questioning Snowden as well as talk to Syntech Systems owner because it may in fact be a shell company.

Practical Problem 5

1) List three things you could do to gather information about the owner of Syntech Systems. Contact the Secretary of State’s office to see articles of incorporation for Syntech Systems.. See how much was paid out to Syntech Systems and check all canceled checks. Last see if Brian Snowden has a new car or luxury things that he may not be able to afford on his current salary.

Practical Problem 6

1) Do you see anything in the articles of incorporation that looks suspicious? Well the corporation is doesn’t really have a...
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