Excitation Transfer Theory

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Excitation Transfer Theory

The root of many impulse actions that we act upon , excitation transfer has to do with the “ enhancement of emotional reactions to immediately present emotion- arousing situations by portions of excitations that are left over from preceding related or unrelated emotion – arousing situations.” In simpler terms , it basically means that when we become extremely involved in a certain form of media such as watching a movie , our emotions become influenced and controlled by the ongoings of that movie , even if it isn’t true . Example , in a movie , we would feel extremely angered towards to villain who continuously taunts the hero , but when things change and the hero exults a punishment upon the villain , we become satisfied . Our emotions , due to being engrossed into the movie , has made it much more pleasurable and entertaining. Dolf Zilman in 1996 , came up with a theory that links both excitation theory with aggression , and though many people have gone along with it , it is not the only reasons for which excitation transfer is caused from. ( Sara is doing the topic of Zilman , Kocher and M,,,,, So I don’t know much about this :D ) Things that link to excitation transfer theory

* Sports - A teams performance , in any sport be it football , basketball or even badminton , has a heavy influence over a highly engaged sports fan. The loud chores of cheering and shouting from a football stadium are evident enough of excitation transfer theories occurring , as either of the teams score or miss. This is one form of E.T.T

* Rollercoaster – Anything that involves rides that seem scary or have a high drop , such as a roller coaster , are also easy forms of E.T.T. The constant screaming from the riders when the ride drops or gives an unsteady swerve is what arouses and shocks the audience into excitement.

* Excitation also refers to sex , or any sexual connotations and implications. When one is sexually...
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