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Go Exchange Program

Application Form

Local Committee

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in our organization. We encourage you to go through the instruction stated below, because it contains information important to you.

To become a member of AIESEC and go for an international internship you have go through the selection process presented below:

Application form + CV
Please fill out this application and send it to or by 20th of August. Please send us also your CV in English. After passing the selection process it will be uploaded in our database with international internships, so it should be adequate with type of internship you are interested in. In your CV please include information concerning: * professional experience you have so far (including student organization you were involved in), * languages you speak,

* additional skills and competencies.

Review board
We will invite you for the review board through cellphone, so please fill in your contact information in the questionnaire below.

After passing the selection process we will invite you to take part in an Outgoing Preparation Seminar, which will happen on the first week of October. Your participation in the OPS is a requirement to go for an internship with AIESEC.


1. | Personal details| Photo|
NRIC| 900704-14-5253| |
Date of birth| 04.07.1990| Gender(M/F)| MALE| |
Adress| 74-3A, WISMA ANULAE, JALAN RAJA BOT, 50300, KUALA LUMPUR| Mobile| 017-3600429|
University| National University of Malaysia|
Faculty | Faculty of Economics and Business|

2.| Why have you decided to join AIESEC and go for an internship abroad? What would you like to learn? What are your expectations towards AIESEC?|

I decide to try somehting new in my life, as the more...
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