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Go Exchange! Program | Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does AIESEC differ from other providers of internships? AIESEC does not define itself as provider of internships only. Rather, AIESEC offers you many diffe rent opportunities to discover and develop your potential. Although an internship abroad is an essential part of the experience you can gain in AIESEC, it is closely linked to other experiences rather than separated from them. Those who only want to do an internship to develop professionally will most probably find a more suitable offer elsewhere.

2. What does the AIESEC Go Exchange! Program offer?
The AIESEC Go Exchange! Program offers you the possibility to have an intense cultural experience in one of its 107 member countries. Concretely, AIESEC in Malaysia prepares you for the internship, while the section in the host country helps you to apply for visa and work permit and organizes your accommodation. In addition, they take care of you as soon as you are there, make you familiar with their culture and organize events where you get to know other interns.

3. What does AIESEC NOT offer?
AIESEC does not provide internships, which will:

provide you with a very high salary – all interns get an allowance high enough to cover the cost of living in particular country;

support you in getting permanent residence in host country;

give you opportunity to travel (and nothing more) – we want our interns to contribute to the society and meanwhile develop themselves personally and professionally;

contain only simple tasks like e.g. preparing coffee and doing the photocopies of documents – the definition of an internship in AIESEC says that it has to be a learning experience for both: intern and the company.

4. Can I specify a company I would like to have an internship in? Candidates can state their preferences. However, it is better when a candidate is open for new opportunities, rather than focus on one company or country....
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