Excessive Homework and Its Effects

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Title : Some education experts believe that assigning daily homework to primary school students may do more harm than good. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays it is a norm to see primary school students bombarded with tonnes of homework. Recent news had reported that many students are deprived of their sleep hours due to the large amount of assignments they have to complete. On top of that, they have tuition assignments to complete as well! In response to that, opponents had mentioned that home works are necessary for teachers to track students learning progress. Interestingly, not everyone benefits or excel in their studies from doing them. This suggests that too much homework may not be necessarily effective in education. Regardless I feel that regular assigning of assignment may bring more harm in general

Assignments were given to student to develop a routine in them so that they adopt a consistent attitude in completing their assignments and it eventually becomes a good habit. It also ensures that students revise what they had been taught and seek help if they encounter problems in their assignments. Furthermore, home works that are given to student on the spot serves as a preliminary guide for teachers to assess students strengths and weaknesses and to render help if students perform particularly poor in certain areas of their work. Without homework, knowledge that was imparted to student would eventually go down the drain as they were not constantly reinforced through their given assignments.

However not all students takes joy in doing their assignments. Excessive amount of home works are particularly ineffective in learning as it overwhelms and stresses the learners. With tight deadlines which they have to meet, a decline in quality of work is expected. Some students may even resort to copying their peers answers due to time constraints which defeats the purpose of giving homework. If such problems are not identified earlier, students may be...
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