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Topics: Service level agreement, Normal distribution, Control chart Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Springfield WDC Overview

The Springfield WDC served a total of 194 stores. The 194 stores were divided into three categories (A,B and C) by decreasing order of size. There were 57 A stores, 75 B stores and 62 C stores. A total of 12,539 items were stocked at Springfield. About 9,944 were breakpack items and the rest were full-case items. For breakpack items, ELS received cases of a certain size from its suppliers. Stores were allowed to place orders for quantities less than a full case because ELS broke open the cases and shipped the items to the stores in smaller quantities. The WDC at Springfield had a total area of 1.1 million square feet and was divided into six modules. Breakpack items were stored in Module 1, while full-case items were stored in Module 3. The other modules were used for sorting and the staging area. They four key processes identified are receiving, inventory storage, order filling, and shipping. Receiving referred to the process of receiving a store order, picking required items from storage, and loading the delivering truck. Shipping referred to the process of transporting the store order from the WDC and delivering it to the store. These four processes were identified as key because any error in these processes impacted Springfield’s ability to supply a store order on time and in the right quantity. An error in receiving or inventory storage could result in an improper quantity of a particular product showing up in the inventory system. This would cause the delivery to the store to be late. The measurements were taken for different processes with the main focus on receiving process. The receiving is the process of receiving a vendor shipment into the WDC. The team members included guard, receiving officer, yard driver, unloader, slotter, and putaway driver

The Springfield warehouse performed about 8,000 transactions in receiving on a daily basis. A sample size of 800 transactions was selected for 45 days to analyze...
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