Examples of Reasonable Adjustments

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Examples of reasonable adjustments

This following list is not exhaustive but some reasonable adjustments you could consider may include; •a phased return to work if the person has been on sickness absence- starting with part- time working and building up •looking at aspects of the job that the person finds particularly stressful and rearranging responsibilities •allocating some of an employee’s duties to another colleague and adjusting the content of the job •allowing the employee greater control over how they plan and manage their time and workload •offering the option of working at home for some of the time •allowing time off for attending therapeutic sessions, treatment, assessment and/or rehabilitation

changing shift patterns or exploring different work options such as part-time, job-share, flexible working •altering working hours e.g. reducing hours worked or offering a later or earlier start to avoid rush hour travel and review if any provisions are necessary or useful in terms of their physical health •look at their physical environment and review what adjustments would be desirable. E.g. moving away from a busy corridor, allowing a person to use headphones to block out distracting noises •offer a quiet place where they can go if feeling anxious or stressed •if relevant, you could consider offering support with childcare •identify training needs and provide support to develop the skills of the individual and their colleagues; e.g. specific job requirements and/or around skills enhancement such as communication skills or time management, and •transferring the employee to another vacancy within your organisation. This should usually be a last resort once all reasonable adjustments have been fully explored in the individual’s existing role.

Most adjustments are simple, inexpensive and need only be temporary.

Some mental health conditions can be episodic and so it maybe better to agree adjustments when they are needed...
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