Examples of Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling

Topics: Pike Place Market, Pike Place Fish Market, Goldman Sachs Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Part One: Planning

FedEx (2011) Behind the scenes look at FedEx distribution and sorting process in Memphis. (3:20)

BMW's Aging Assembly Line Runs Like New (2010) Richard Roth reports on BMW's work force that is not only getting older but is also getting better with a little help from some innovative footwear. (4:20)

Donuts To Dollars (2009) Segment covers the expansion of Tim Hortons to the U.S. market and the challenges of a Canadian company entering the market with a focus on the competition from McDonald’s and Starbucks. (5:00)

Decisions, Decisions (2010) This segment shows how impossible it is to make the rational decisions we all think we make. (7:30)

Free For All, Profit for Some (2009) Whoever said "you don't get something for nothing" never used the Internet, where they seem to be giving away the store. Free search engines. Free shipping. Free e-mail. In the digital age, giving it away is becoming an essential business strategy. In his book "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" (Hyperion), Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson argues that businesses will profit by giving things away. (4:50)

Where America Stands: Manufacturing (2010) A half-million manufacturing jobs were lost during the recession. In the CBS News series "Where America Stands," John Blackstone reports getting those essential jobs back may require a change in attitude. (6:00)

Brewing a better Starbucks (2011) Howard Schultz took back his position of CEO at Starbucks when the company hit hard times. Katie Couric caught up with Schultz as his business celebrated its 40th anniversary and gets a first hand look at Starbucks' new products. (5:20)

For these fresh grads, job fairs are so last year (2011) The segment shows how more recent graduates are involved in entrepreneurship initiatives immediately following graduation. (2:10)

Part Two: Organizing

Pike Place Fish Market (2001) The corporate world has latched onto the Pike Place Fish Market's "concepts" and...
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