Examples of How Settings May Prepare Children for Transfer or Transitions

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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One example of how a setting may prepare young children is by using a teddy or a role-play to act out the situations that may occur during a transition. Using a teddy may indirectly allow the child to express their concerns and fears about what their new setting may be like. Role-play is an effective tool for young children to engage in, so that they can act out what may happen in their new setting and how best to confront any problems that they may encounter.

* Tassoni noted that ‘with older children and young people it is good to talk to them about the transition.’ (2007, pg.147) Talking regularly to older children is imperative so as to perceive an idea of the child’s fear or expectations for the transitions. As they will likely not remember everything that they may want to ask at once, therefore continued discussions are helpful for them so that they can settle any uneasiness.

* Having communication between the two settings is also imperative, as well as making sure that parents are involved, to help make the children more comfortable. The practitioners should meet in order for them to discuss the needs and preferences of the children in order to maintain some kind of continuity for them. Taking the children to visit their new settings in order to familiarise themselves with it is beneficial for them. On the other hand key workers or the new teacher for the younger children could visit the children so that they can start to bond with them.


There are many key issues that affect the practice of helping children prepare for changes and transitions in their lives. One such issue is gathering information to support the child. Adults need to find out as much information as they can about the setting, so that they can give the best support for them, so as not to ‘raise expectations or mislead children’ in any way. It can be crushing for a child who had high expectations and could cause some difficulty in allowing them to settle...
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