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Topics: Performance, Drama, Theatre Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Drama practical work in note form

1a) Description of the piece I worked on

The piece I worked on was in the style of agitprop, it's genre was tragedy, realism and dramatic. We performed it in the period of now and had a target audience of Upper Forth's/year nines. I contributed as an actor, for my costume and provided the audio cd. The performance lasted 20-25 minutes and involved five actors.

1b) Explanation of my contribution

The group and I planned before the lesson so we were prepared as what to do and knew what we needed to achieve. During the performance we made sure the audience could see clearly what we were doing at all times, for example making sure our backs did not face the audience. We also decided not to use strobe lighting during our play as this could be a danger hazard to members of the audience. We used a lot of techniques including physical theatre, the use of monologues, cross cutting and flashbacks.

One example of how our techniques were used was after a dramatical core in the scene e.g death we produced a monologue from one of the characters or their relatives. Another example of how our techniques were used was during several scenes we performed a physical theatre routine to make the performance more exciting.

1c)Preparation of my own work

In the performance I needed to make myself aware of the changes so I could play my role correctly. I knew I needed to change my mood in terms of the characters feelings, We changed the lighting so it combined with the change of atmosphere, we put props on top of one another so it became easier to make the transactions between what we needed and we also used spotlights and various lighting to show the changes between scenes and locations.

We used a PowerPoint at the start of our production but in the performance I did not work, we all carried on as normal and distracted the fact it did not go to plan. We were also faced with the understanding towards the audience, we had to actors...
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