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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Tess Strang
Jeffery Brand
Speech Writing
Johnson and Johnson: Apology to New Mothers
In 2013 Johnson and Johnson created a product that was accidently injected with a harmful mixture of chemicals, which resulted in the company recalling all products. Promptly we would like to address the problem of our recent production of Children teething rings. Johnson & Johnson is currently working on removing and replacing all teething products made any time from January 22nd 2010 through March 25th 2010 there is reason to believe that a harmful substance was mixed in the rubber making of these rings. We believe that the substance was accidently inserted into the wrong chemical mixture creating an unhealthy poison not deathly but very harmful to the child’s respiratory system. Johnson & Johnson is willing to take full responsibilities for these repercussions in which will give every client who bought the rings there full refund and a ten dollar gift card to Wal-mart to take care other funds. We are truly sad to hear about this issue and are currently working with the families that were affected by this product. We accept all criticisms and have hired chemical investigators to locate the issue. Until then ever product will be removed from the shelves and will not be produced until we find the source of the problem. We have learned from this problem and are currently taking all percussions that this problem never occurs again. We have three major production plants our largest in Muncie IN and others in Paducah KY and Oswego IL. These factories are all under investigation and have stopped there processing. We at Johnson & Johnson are truly apologetic to inconvenience the community. Please feel free to contact our company with your questions and concerns. Thank you.
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