Example of a Course Reflection Journal

Topics: Education, Middle school, School Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: April 7, 2013
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Campbell, K., Lane, H. B., Mercer, C, Mercer, K., Miller, D. (2000). Effects of Reading fluency Intervention for Middle Schoolers With Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Learning Disabilities Research Practice, Lawrence Eribaum Associates, Inc., 15(4), p.p. 179-189. Retrieved: February 1, 2013. Summary: The main focus of this article was based on designing a program for non- teachers that could help students with Special Learning Disabilities (SLD). Due to the limited resources and lack of training in the past, Cecil D. Mercer of the Department of Special Education University of Florida; Kenneth U. Campbell of Marion County Schools, Ocala, Florida; M. David Miller of the Department of Educational Foundations University of Florida; Kenneth Mercer, of Alachua County Schools, Gainesville, Florida; and Holly B. Lane of the Department of Special Education of University lead a study that focused on the development and evaluation of fluency-based supplemental reading intervention for middle school students with learning disabilities (LD) and those who have severe reading disabilities. The study focused on students with learning disabilities using 5 to 6 min fluency interventions focused on phonics, sight phrases, and oral readings. Repeated readings were used in each area until the student mastered each respective task. Students were divided into three groups according to the length of interventions, measured and rated every 6-9 months, 10 – 18 months, and 19- 25 months. A pre –test and a post-test curriculum-based assessment (CBA) measurement was used for each reading group to determine each student’s progress an order to determine the interventions to implement and/or rate. Personal Reaction: knowing that this study was done in the early 2000s I have noticed from substituting that these methods have been effective when intervention is assisted. I substituted 2003-2005 and since 2011. I had the opportunity to assist teachers,...
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