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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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For as long as I can remember I have been living on the Southside of Chicago. It’s been a home to me and my family for years . My mother and father were high school sweethearts, and shortly after graduating they were married and decided to start a family. I was born July 19, 1994 to Milliscent and Marcus Brown. Within the next six to eight months tragedy struck my family. After a routine hospital visit my mother was told she had a hole in her heart valve, and that there was nothing the doctors could do. She died shortly after. Thus I was placed with my grandparents. For most of my childhood education I attended Saint James Catholic School, I was exposed to a higher state of learning and opportunities where they instilled the belief in all of their students that we were able and capable of achieving greatness. During a school career day we had a lawyer come from the Bryant Law Group, where he explained to my class how he helped people prove their innocence in court. From that day on I knew what my goal in life was; I wanted to become a lawyer. My grandmother would always introduce me to her friends as her future lawyer. It was something I took a natural interest in, I would always play like someone had done something wrong and would go to jail if I didn’t prove they didn’t do it.

My neighborhood was the type that believed it took a community to raise a child. My neighbors would always set up fake scenarios in which I had to prove someone innocent and find out the guilty party; it was almost as if I was playing a life-size game of Clue. My grandmothers’ closest friend, Mary Ann, worked at a court office as a clerk and she always insisted that I come and sit and watch the court process. It was an amazing experience for me; it helped me process the flow of things, and it also helped me decided what type of lawyer I wanted to become. I would hope to one day become a well-known attorney, and work with celebrities and other high profile people.

My passion for...
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