Example of Simple Mock Meeting

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Idea Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: February 25, 2013

Secretary:Nurul Syuhada
Panel 1:Nor Aishah
Panel 2:Afik Affandi
Panel 3:Muhamad Khairi

President:Good morning ladies and gentlemen.As informed,today’s meeting is about
the construction site security.The secretary please read the minutes of the
previous meeting.
Secretary:We have discussed about the budget and all the costs to be spent in expanding
our business/
President:Thank you.Are there any corrections to the minutes?If there are no corrections,the minutes are approved as read.The next business in order is to proceed on our meeting,construction site security.This is the most important priorities to ensure all our workers on site are safe and can reduce the risk of incident.

Secretary:I speak in favour of this motion.I,myself,would like to suggest that we must improved our protective gear that were provided to our workers.(Explaination about Protective Gear)
President:I can’t agree more.Any objection?
Panel 1:I agree.That’s a good idea to ensure our worker safety.How about electrical
item used at construction site?
President:I will call the question regarding this to accept the recommendation. Panel 1:Thank you.(proceed to explain more on Electrical Item) Panel 2:I have no objection at all.I think it would be better if we practice and remember all the procedures concerning electrical tools. (elaborating more about Construction Tools)

President:Excellent!That’s right.I second that motion.
Panel 2:My pleasure.Now, I would like to discuss more about slip and fall incident at
construction site.In my opinion,there are a few steps to prevent slip and fall
incident.(Explaination about Slip and Fall Incident)
Panel 3:Sorry everybody.May I interrupt?
President:Yes,you may.
Panel 3:Thank you.I think slip and fall incident have some link with incident procedures and plan.(proceed to elaborate more on Incident...
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