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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Part 1
I. The Problem and it’s setting
a. Introduction
b. Review of Related Literature
II. The Problem
a. Statement of the Problem
b. Significance of the Study
c. Limitation of the Study
III. Research Methodology
a. Materials, Method
b. Treatment / General Procedure
IV. Results and Discussion
V. Conclusion
VI. Recommendation
Part 2
I. Hypothesis Testing
II. References
III. Acknowledgement

In this experiment, we would like to find out if kalamansi could be a useful active ingredient of a deodorant and if it could really kill the bacteria that resides in the sweat that release as we do strenuous activities or exercises Materials

Kalamansi extract
sweat from the armpit
Summary of the Methodology/ Procedure
As we went through and thought about how we would do the experimentation, we decided on testing how kalamansi would react to the bacteria. We can do this by using the extract of the Kalamansi fruit. Extended Methodology

Place of experimentation: the chemistry Laboratory. We would be doing our experiment there because it has laboratory apparatuses that we need for the experimentation. We would be asking the permission of our chemistry teacher to allow us to use the laboratory in doing our experimentation.

1. The first thing that we would do will be the getting of the extract of the kalamansi fruit. Kalamsi is a rather common fruit in the Philippines so it will not be hard to find this fruit.

2. Kalamansi has a 5% concentration of citric acid. Delute it in distilled water to get a concentration of 1 percent.

3. After getting the solution, we would bring it to the chemistry laboratory and start the experimentation. We would place a drop or 2 of sweat coming from a person who has just undergone a strenuous activity or exercise that did not use any deodorant, meaning, no application of anything...
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