Example of Reflexive Writing in an Essay

Topics: High school, Education, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: July 12, 2012
The English Teacher From Hell
High school English is usually a place to foster a student's ability to manipulate our complex language to create papers such as this one. But recently, due to the No Child Left Behind Act passed by former president George W. Bush, many teachers have had to dumb down their curriculum to suit their less motivated students. As a result of this, students aren't challenged enough in the classroom, and some never realize their true potential. But in this student's experience, there is one teacher who takes no nonsense from lazy students, and he definitely left a few kids behind. Jerry Brown is a long tenured English instructor at Round Rock High School, and he teaches sophomore and senior level classes at the advanced level. Since he began teaching, he hasn't changed his curriculum once, but the whole department has adopted that curriculum because it has been proven to deliver results. On my first day of his class, it started like any other class period. We were given our assigned seats for the year, along with the class guidelines and a study sheet of English word roots. Then he explained how the year would progress in the way of assignments, which included a semester long essay project that made up fifty percent of our second semester grade. Lastly, he discussed his late work policy. He allows for an assignment to be turned in the next day for seventy percent credit, but if it was turned in later than that, he would begin to describe different ways he would punish us, such as shooting us in the face or setting off a land mine under our desk. We knew that he wasn't serious about that, but we also knew that this class wasn't going to be easy. As the first semester passed by, my class had lost half of the students that we started with due to schedule changes, and there was good reason why. Mr. Brown had turned that study sheet of English root words into a weekly quiz, on which we had to memorize each root along with the meaning and a few...
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