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How to make a comic.

A Senior Project Proposal by

Enrique Hernandez
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Mountlake Terrace High School

October 30, 2010

Senior Project Teacher:
Ms. Zeifman, Betsy

How to make a comic.
By Enrique Hernandez


Every body likes comics especially kids . But even when they grow up they still read them. The point is, cartoons have become a bigger “factory” of laughs in the lives of the people from the start of cartoon up to now, although cartoons have changed so much from the first cartoon to the modern cartoons. Some people like to investigate about the origin of space and stars, others like to investigate the origin of man, so I would like to investigate about the origin of the cartoons or comics. For many reasons, for example because I always liked comics and also given me the curiosity to know who was that person so smart to make a cartoon, when, and how was that it happened such a great idea and what he need to do it and see if I can make one.

B.Objectives and Goals

First I hope to start researching all the information on a comic because a cartoon is very different from a comic. I like drawing very much but never put me and a challenge like this to make a series of cartoons giving a story to make a comic so a goal would be to succeed in this challenge that I put to myself, and I think if I study how to make a cartoon step by step then would be easier to have the idea of what am going to do and how I have to do it. Then start putting these cartoons like a puzzle piece by piece and create a comic, well this is my idea of what procedure I have to follow to can finish this project. I know this isn’t going to be easy even write “this” wasn’t too easy so this is going to be a big goal; finish it.

C.Field of Study

I'm not very good at drawing but but I'm not too bad, I can give a great effort to accomplish this, I hope to work in an organized environment and not wasting time. I have not much experience on the subject but that's no excuse for not trying, well I don’t know if this would help me in my future, but always can be an option because here are several opportunities where these skills could use. For example an artist or I can be a cartoonist and work in a magazine or even a TV a channel, so why would never rule out the idea of working on something that has to do with cartoons.


My for my project mentor name(s). the following expertise: Explain your mentor’s qualifications here. Provide a brief description of your mentor and why you believe that he/she is a good fit for you and this proposal.

B.Steps to Completion

C.Facilities and Equipment

What equipment will you need? Where will you work on your project?


I will have a number of expenses for my project, and I have outlined them below: 

To pay for this project I will ... explain how you will pay for your project and presentation. If I have financing problems with my project I will solve them by Explain here how you will solve any “lack of money to finish the project” problems.


Your project will require a strong research component. Discuss with your mentor what sort of research you need to do and describe that research here. Later in the process, you’ll need a detailed annotated bibliography illustrating your research.

F.Project Standards

For my Senior Project I will use the Rubric.

G.Product Standards

Discuss with your mentor the standards by which an expert in your field would assess your...
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