Example of Potential Conflict or Dilemma

Topics: Complaint, Plaintiff, Pleading Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Example of potential conflict or dilemma:
A child wants to go outside and play, but it is raining and cold outside How to manage the risk
I would insist they wear a coat, and shorten the length of time they are outside for. Where to get additional support and advice
The EYFS framework states that children should have time outside every day. Example of potential conflict or dilemma:
A child refuses to eat their lunch at the nursery.
How to manage the risk
Fruit is available all day and the fact that they haven’t eaten is recorded to ensure parents are made aware. Where to get additional support and advice
I would consult with the childs parents for advice on likes and dislikes, and strategies which would help at mealtimes. Example of potential conflict or dilemma:
A child is identified as having a potential learning difficulty, parent refuses to acknowledge this. How to manage the risk
A C.A.F. is held, and the child is given one to one attention in the nursery. Where to get additional support and advice
The health visitor is involved to discuss the assessment with the parent.

The main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints in children and young people’s settings How they would respond to a complaint.
At Cranleigh Lodge Day Nursery parents can speak to any member of staff when dropping off and collecting their child or telephone at any time throughout the day. Parent‟s views, information and concerns are fully respected and acknowledged. Records kept about the child are kept in the strictest of confidence in a lockable filing cabinet but are always accessible on request. Should they require a confidential meeting at any time, this can be arranged between them and the Manager. When dropping children off, they are asked to sign them into nursery therefore giving us consent to care for them solely during that session. They are also asked to confirm who will be collecting the child and staff then ensure children are collected by the...
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