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  • Published : July 5, 2012
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A T E X A S paragraph based on the MAIN IDEA in Bred in South Auckland by Glenn Colquhoun ‘Bred in South

Auckland’ by Glenn Colquhoun, is a poem that outlines and identifies how society labels different racial groups and residents in South Auckland, which is considered, the ‘slum’ of Auckland. It bluntly tells you how stereotyping has become so common and the effect that it has on our society. There are many examples of stereotypes, prejudice and racism in this poem. The examples show how society ranks and perceives the different races and how we turn them into outcasts without any evidence. The statement ‘Sometimes I sleep in large rooms full of people’ suggests that Maoris are considered poor in our society and we think of them as inferior. The statement ‘I have been to university’ makes us think that all Pakehas have attended university and are well educated. It makes you think that Pakehas are superior as they are well educated and qualified, but in reality, not only Pakehas attend university and other races are equally, if not more educated. This poem clearly states how we stereotype each racial group and enlightens how we consider some races superior to the others, without having any evidence or better judgment. This poem shows the reality of peoples’ attitudes towards others and how we consider South Auckland as a slum. The poet has highlighted some examples of everyday actions people do and shows us how we stereotype them to a certain racial group, with a negative attitude. When the poet is saying he is the luckiest 'mongrel I know', he means his everyday actions reflect that he is a cross between the four mentioned ethnic groups.I am sure most of us are 'mongrels' because we are assimilating customs from all over the world. However, most of us do not realise how often we stereotype people. South Auckland is a fairly diverse suburb and with diversity problems occur, such as stereotypes, prejudices and racism. Our society continues to label and...
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