Example of Literature Review

Topics: Public relations, Advertising, Mass media Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: December 18, 2007
Literature Review:
Over the course of the past couple of months I have carefully analysed various academic sources and have compiled a list of the most valuable to my particular study. I have considered academic literature to be that of text books and well-credited journals. Football In the Digital Age-Who's Game Is It Anyway- Edited By Sean Hamil, Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton & Steven Warby(2000): I have found this book to be particularly interesting and relevant to my studies. This book can be used in perfect conjunction to other studies to agree or even oppose modern views regarding the running of the football Industry. This publication looks at all aspects of the game and pays special attention to key issues such as addressing all stakeholders of a football club whilst trying to balance a diplomatic relationship with the media.

Online Public Relations- David Phillips(2001):
This book carefully examines new forms of media, specifically the internet and identifies how public relations has evolved in parallel to the evolution of new media. It highlights the key significance of the internet to all industries which I intent to apply directly to my area of study. ‘In the past, broadsheet information was beamed to complete populations. Progressively, as more media became available, information was directed to parts of the population....In the internet world everyone can see almost everything they are interested in.' – David Phillips(2001) I feel that this quote places a great emphasis for the need of internet broadcasting and believe that this will prove to be a key area of examination whilst attempting to understand the changing role of media relations.

Sports Public Relations- G.Clayton Stoldt, Stephen W. Dittmore & Scott E.Branvold(2006): Although this book was written by American authors, this book does analyse the English media and the ‘soccer' industry. It extensively covers the relationships that public relations officers have with the...
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