Example of International Advertising and Marketing in Its Implementation in Indonesian Market.

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International Marketing and Advertising

The idea that I have for this week’s assignment in regards to international advertising is to compare and/or contrast NIVEA, the skincare products from Germany. However, the comparison will be of NIVEA USA and NIVEA Indonesia. The sources that I take are from the following websites:


Talking about skincare products, the message that an advertiser or marketer wants to deliver usually revolves around the fact how the products will affect certain aspects or points in users’ life. NIVEA releases products marketed worldwide that are usually targeted at adult women (now also men) – in Germany they have certain products targeted for babies.

Entering two different markets, USA and Indonesia, NIVEA advertise the products in two different approaches with the same message showing that in the end these skincare products make the users’ skin smoother and healthier. The highlighted approach is due to the different culture and society in both countries.

First, when I checked the website of NIVEA USA, the first noticeable thing was the campaign wording “Touch and Be Touched”. This approach cannot be used when entering Indonesian market. The cultural issue will prohibit NIVEA for campaigning with the same wording, as it will be considered arousing. Instead, they highlight the skincare itself. Displaying models (as a couple) doing the kissing scene, clearly touching one another parts of body and...
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