Example of Instrument Used to Collect Data Social Studies School Based Assessment

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Instrument Used to Collect Data
Survey of the Causes and Impacts of Unemployment in the Community of Moscow

This assessment that I am currently conducting is to find out the causes and impacts of unemployment in the community of Moscow. This assessment will also aid in the completion of my Social Studies School Based Assessment which is 25% of my CXC grade. Please be advised that respondents’ identities are not revealed so they are expected to answer the questions as honestly as possible. This is not a test so there is no right or wrong answers. Most of the questions are followed by options with a box, so respondents are expected to place a tick in the box for the answer of their choice. Copy of questionnaire:

1. Indicate your sex

2. To which ethnic group do you belong?
African descent
Chinese descent
Indian Descent
Mixed descent

3. To which age group do you belong?
18 – 21
22 – 25
26 – 29
30 and over


4. How long have you been residing in the Moscow community?
Under 1 year
1 – 4 years
5 – 8 years
9 years and over

5. What is your level of education?
None of the above

6. What is your qualification?

7. What do you think is the main cause of unemployment in the Moscow area?
Lack of job opportunities
Lack of the required skills
Lack of education
Residents’ location


8. What is the main effect of unemployment on person in the Moscow area? Abuse
Increase in crime and violence

9. How long have you been unemployed?
Under 1 year
2-4 years
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