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Through writing my pitch, I’ve learnt several things about the film industry. I’ve realised that a pitch is the very first thing we need to do before proceeding to any preproduction or production tasks and that the purpose of a pitch is to attract development finance to pay for the production of the film. Therefore, a pitch should be marketable and interesting. As pitching is commonly known as “selling the film”, there are several things I need to consider in my pitch so that it can attract the investors and they would green-light the project. Some of them include the names of actors and actresses to create star power, a brief plot synopsis, budgeting values, genre and the target audience. I’ve also included a similar film to give a clearer picture to the investors what my film is like. The logline is especially important to draw the investors’ attention, as it effectively works as an advertising tagline to increase the viewership of my film. To create star power, I’ve included the names of a few well-known actors and actresses including Josh Duhamel and Emma Watson, so that the investors will be likely to buy into the film. I’ve also included a small paragraph of the plot synopsis to give the storyline of my film, so that the investors would have an idea who my target audience are.

As preproduction work, I have created a magazine cover and its content page featuring the film I have “produced”. A film magazine actually plays a very important role in marketing the film. I’ve learnt that a film magazine should be carefully designed and planned so that it attracts the target audience and their age range, which I have decided particularly. The film magazine can help to “sell” the film because it has a wide target reader who would buy and read it. If it is not appealing enough to the audience, then the magazine would not be successful and, as result, the film featured in the magazine would hardly be successful too.

To attract both male and female audience, I’ve...
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