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Topics: Positive psychology, Automobile, Want Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Expository paragraph
Not every body has characteristics of a leader because to be a regarded leader must have a different stands from others. My friend is a good leader because he is a responsible to our classmate. He always takes care about us whether we well or not and lend his ears to hear our problems. Then he also make sure that we always get every things information that given by lecturer. Even he busy with his assignment, he never forget his duty as a leader. Sometimes I saw he go to bed so late because need to finish his assignment after need to settle the business with lecturers first. In conclusion, not easy to be a regarded leader because need to prepare with willingness and responsibilities.

Persuasive paragraph
Dear my respected boss, I would like to ask for your kindness to raise my pay. First, I have been long time work with you and never get a raise in pay from you even I am a hard worker. Second, now days the cost of living expenses continuously raise but my pay not rise directly as the cost. It will make me need to cut my saving to spend on house rent, car instalment and my groceries. Last, I also need to give some money to my family at village and at the same time need to save for my future wedding. Therefore, I beg your kindness and responsible to make me deserved a raise in pay.

Narrative paragraph
A few weeks after I have finished my SPM, I started felt bored staying at home. Then I went applied for a job as an operator of production in a factory. After the interview, I got the job and can start to work next day. On the first day, I felt so bored because I just sit in a room with others and hear to the human resources give the explanation about the factory and the disciplines as a worker at the factory. I can feel the freedom when I back and enjoy my best time at home. Before sleep I though do not want to continue but after I wake up I feel motivated to work because think about the pay that I will get at the last month....
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