Example of Decleration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence

With the commotion that goes on around the presence of Ligon Middle School, I and so have others have had it. This “no activity time” has been driving us fellow 8th graders as do other grade levels preposterous. I do declare and so do others believe Activity Time is a privilege and also very efficient. Without the social and physical time that we need, not only does this bring upon more stress for teachers, it also has for students of Ligon GT Magnet Middle. The 20 minutes taken out of our day is a time to let loose all energy and be ready to focus as soon as we return to our classes. All students should have the right to make up any work that they might have for a teacher in a timely manner, as well complete it for credit. This makes life easier for students, but for teachers, it helps them to be organized instead of them having to chase you down to get your work in. Now since time is longer during class periods, we are all gaining weight because we sit down all day. We, students at Ligon Middle deserve to have time for extra help needs instead of coming after school, or having to most likely figure it out on your own. * Why is it useful to use students- Activity Time helps students to have a time to study as well and the right to socialize during that time given. This time avoids chatter throughout the classroom when it is time to transition. * Why we need it- Helps students stay active, as well energetic every day. To stay most likely happy. * Teachers- Teachers seem to enjoy activity time because it gives them time to figure out their plans; it’s also a break for them, as well a time for them to eat lunch. This is also a time that a teacher may set aside time to help a student with any main issue they might have during the class, or more and likely catch up with extra work. * Time to get fresh air - (if it is not raining)- Students need to get outside. This time can replace the time they might need when they...
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