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Topics: Uniform, Trousers, Education Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Should teachers have a dress code?

“Dress for Success / Dress Code”. online-distance-learning-education.com. n.p n.d 7 Dec. 2011. The article helped me to understand that many people are judged upon how they dress. The way you dress plays a big role in the way others perceive you. Dressing appropriate allows teachers to gain respect. while dressing inappropriate makes teachers look uninteresting. This information was helpful because it stated what was actually appropriate. For women it said skirts below the knee, mid-drift tops, and a low heel is comfortable and stylish. For men a nice shirt and tie would be acceptable. The goal of this article was to help teachers see what they should be wearing. Glanton, Dahleen Tribune Staff Writer. (1999, September 3). IN SOME SCHOOLS, UNIFORMS EXTEND TO HEADS OF THE CLASS BELIEVING TEACHERS' CASUAL DRESS TO BE A BAD INFLUENCE ON STUDENTS, MORE DISTRICTS ARE ENFORCING GUIDELINES ON WHAT STAFFERS ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR :[CHICAGO SPORTS FINAL Edition]. Chicago Tribune,p. 7. Retrieved November 28, 2011, from Chicago Tribune. Glanton’s article helps put perspective into why some teachers should wear uniforms or have a set dress code. It states that teachers are an example for their student and should be a role model on how to dress in a professional manner. Some of the teachers interviewed in the article had no problem wearing the uniform, but I’m sure some objected. This information was helpful because it showed how teachers were willing to cooperate with authorities in order to help the students. The students looked up to the teachers for showing them professional attire and talking to them about it. This article was one of the best sources for me and my paper because it was just enough information to get my point across. McMurtrie B. “The Chronicle of Higher Education” Dressing up for the Business Curriculum. (2007). 1-2. This article was about how some...
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