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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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I’ve examined the existing research and have noted three suggestive treatments for alleviating jet lag: 1) doses of Vitamin B complex; 2) 10 minutes of meditation; and 3) 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. Each suggestive treatment is complete with a reasonable physiological rationale. I have come up with an experiment to test the 3 variables to figure out what treatments if any will work the best. My hypothesis is that all 3 of the suggestive treatments when done before flying on an airplane, will reduce the effects of jet lag. Experiment: A commercial airplane traveling from New York City to Los Angles non –stop will be selected at random. All passengers will be randomly equally divided among 4 groups (a,b,c,d) Group A will be the controlled group. Group B will be given doses of Vitamin B complex. Group C will participate in 10 minutes of meditation. And group D will participate in 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. These different groups will be the independent variables. During the plan ride all passengers will receive the same care, and be asked not to sleep so results are not effect. After the plane has landed in Los Angles passengers will be interviewed asking an array of questions such as… 1. Was your experience before boarding the plane more enjoyable than other flights you have taken? 2. Was take off for this plane ride more calming?

3. Did you feel an anxiety during the plane ride?
4. Describe your level of Jet Lag, if you are experience any? By asking the first 3 questions, all pertaining to something completely off topic and then asking the question I’m actually hypothesizing will allow me to receive a less bias response. I will repeat the experiment numerous times, and finally collect and analyze my data based on the responses. My results will be helpful to society, as air travel has become a more sufficient and everyday thing for many Americans treatments for jet lag will be very beneficial.
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