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Example Cvs and Covering Letters

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Example Cvs and Covering Letters

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Example CVs and Covering letters
The following examples of CVs and covering letters may give you ideas about content and layout. However, please don’t slavishly copy any particular CV or letter! Instead, choose a style and layout you feel comfortable with which will allow you to present your information effectively. Your application should be personal and specific to you!

Application for a university post: Annie Douglas Academic success shines through from the outset as the applicant effectively highlights her research interests and teaching skills. Crucially, she addresses how her research interests could complement those of the department, and gives examples of her teaching experience to prove that she has the right combination of skills. Annie’s CV and covering letter are succinct and relevant, but maintain an enthusiastic tone.

Application for an MSc in Environmental Technology: Samira Begum This course requires technical knowledge and prefers students to have some relevant work experience. There are also minimum academic requirements. Samira highlights her relevant academic qualifications, and clearly shows her achievements, such as her industrial placement prize. She has also demonstrated where she has applied her knowledge to the world of work. The CV is focussed, with space carefully allocated according to the importance of the information.

24a Leslie Place Edinburgh EH3 2XC Human Resources Division Sussex House University of Sussex Brighton BN1 9RH 6th March 2007 Dear Professor Rose Lecturer in English Language Ref: 0899ADF Further to your advertisement on, I am writing to apply for the above post. I would relish the opportunity to work at the University of Sussex, where my research interests would complement several areas of existing expertise in the English Language Department, particularly the current research into language choice and social groups being carried out by Dr. Julius Klum. As will be seen from the enclosed CV, I...

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