Example Contract Business and Administration Level 2

Topics: Salary, Money, Pension Pages: 5 (1142 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Company Logo
Company Name
Company Address
Telephone No: XXXXXXXXX
Date: xx/xx/xxxx
Enquiries to: XXXXXXXX

«Town» «Postcode»
Dear «Name2»


I am pleased to confirm your appointment as «Posttitle» with . This document outlines the Terms and Conditions which apply to your contract and other information which is relevant to your employment.

1.The commencement date of this contract is «xx/xx/xxxx». (It will terminate on «xx/xx/xxxx» (for fixed term contracts only)

2.Your date of commencement of continuous service with or its subsidiaries is «xx/xx/xxxx».

3.Your base will be «Base», however the Company reserves the right, with appropriate consultation with you, to change your base should the needs of the Company require this.

4.Your working hours will be «Hours» per week. The Company may require you to vary the pattern of your working hours if required on a temporary or permanent basis should the needs of the post require this. Overtime payments are made in line with the Company Remuneration Policy.

5.You will be subject to the terms and conditions as agreed and amended from time to time by the the Company as outlined in its policies, procedures, handbooks and other relevant documents.

6.The pay grade for this post is «Grade» and the current salary scale is £«Scale1» . This will be reviewed annually. You are also eligible for individual / team performance bonuses as outlined in the Company Remuneration Policy.

7.If the Company makes an overpayment to you to which you are not entitled, or is more than that to which you are entitled, you agree to allow the Company to recover the overpayment by deductions from your salary or other payments due to you. Any deductions will normally be made over the same period that the overpayment was made. It is in your interests to regularly check your pay slips.

8.In addition to your salary you will receive the following allowance: «Type of allowance» of £XXX per annum.

9.You will be paid «weekly / fortnightly / monthly» on «description of pay date – e.g. last working day of the month» in arrears to a bank account of your choice.

10.The Company leave year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. You are entitled to «number of leave days – needs to be a minimum of 28 days for someone working a 5 day week and pro rata for part-timers» inclusive of statutory / local holidays as agreed annually by the Company. Arrangements for payment of holiday pay are as follows..........

11.You are obliged to give the Company «Notice» weeks notice to terminate your contract of employment. The Company is obliged to give you the statutory minimum amount of notice before terminating your contract.

12.This post is subject to the completion of a 6 month probationary period. At the end of this period if your performance is of a satisfactory standard your appointment will be made permanent. During this period, one weeks notice may be given by either party to terminate this contract.

13.You will automatically be enrolled in the Company Pension Scheme (details are available from the HR Department / Head Office), however you may also choose to opt out of this. Should you opt to take out a Personal Pension Plan then this is a private matter between yourself and the financial institution concerned, and does not involve the Company in any way.

14.You are expected to comply with the Company dress code, your line manager will explain the details of this, and provide you with any relevant company policy on this.

15.Should the need for disciplinary action be deemed necessary, this will be taken in accordance with the Company Policy and Procedure on Disciplinary Action. You have a right of appeal against this as outlined in the Procedure.

16.If you have a grievance in relation to your employment, then you should follow the procedure outlined in the Company...
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