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Topics: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Poultry farming Pages: 5 (1371 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1.0Company’s background

Borneo Poultry Sdn. Bhd is a company that focusing on production of chicken’s meat which will soon to be one of the companies responsible in supplying poultry products in Sabah, specifically in Kota Kinabalu district. Borneo Poultry farm is located in sub-urban industrialised area in Jalan Tuaran, Inanam. The company have three business partners and aided with three experienced workers. Chicken’s farming is a lucrative business since chicken’s meat are consumed by universal consumer and it is cheap compared to other livestock meat thus lower and medium income family could afford buying it. With developing modern equipments and advanced technology, chicken’s farming is a booming sector. Chicken’s farming can be done at least five cycles per year hence profits can be attained in short period of time.

Borneo Poultry will be using Cobb breed, a broiler breed developed from United States. This breed have lowest feed conversion, fast growth rates, thrive at low density thus less costly nutrition to be used. Cobb breed is widely used in South-East Asia poultry farms. Day old chicks (DOC) will be purchased from Sum Soon Trading, renowned company that supplied DOC in Sabah. For starter, Borneo Poultry will begin with 30,000 day old chicks using all in all out system.

Location of the farm is located on the outskirt of Kota Kinabalu which is in Miles 5 ½ Jalan Tuaran, Inanam. The location selection is based on the rules and guidelines provided by the Veterinary Department and Environmental Department. The base of Borneo Poultry farm is 2 km away from domestic environment and roadside thus the farm would not affect day to day basis of neighbouring residence and the chickens will have peaceful environment around. Apart from that, the selected location is also located far from any water reservoir and river.

Borneo Poultry will be using closed house system operational system to ease the manipulation of the environment factors such as temperature and humidity. The biosecurity of the farm can be managed tightly with closed house system thus decrease the risk of disease spreads in the farm. Feeding process will be done automatically using automated feeder and drinker. Disease management will be done by consulting with veterinarian from Veterinary Department. Necessary vaccination will be carried out for disease prevention. Only drugs approved by the authorities will be used in minimum quantities for control and treatment of any diseases.

With new technologies and breed improvement, Borneo Poultry Sdn.Bhd estimated to operate five cycles yearly. With profits gain of first cycle operation, cost of subsequent cycle will be cover. In first cycle alone, estimated RM905, 702 of project cost was calculated.

2.0Vision, Mission and Business Objectives

2.1: Vision
“Quality assurance and competitive”

2.2: Mission
* To be able to compete with other established poultry farms * To be one of Kota Kinabalu major supplier of poultry meat

2.3: Objective
The objective of this company is to applied modern technologies into managing poultry farm for maximum production output.

3.0: Management

3.1Function and Responsibilities
3.1.2 Farm Manager
Farm manager is responsible to guide and lead everyone under her jurisdiction and also design, develop and implement plans in an organization with the use of time and cost efficient and effective. Farm Manager is also responsible for the daily operations of the organization including managing committees and staff.

3.1.3Assistant Farm Manager 1
Assistant Farm Manager 1 is responsible to assist farm manager in managing the workers and their daily routines activities. All farm activities are managed together with farm manager including introducing day old chicks to the farm and other managerial routines such as biosecurity and diseases detection and...
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