“Examining Codes of Ethics in Advertising”

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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“Examining Codes of Ethics in Advertising”
Ethics can be viewed as a compass – it provides a clear route through which a person can conquer and pass through obstacles to get to their “destined” place while enabling an individual to stand up for what is right. A code of ethics is established in many professions to guide employees when they struggle with doing the right thing. Today, many advertising agencies have implemented a code of ethics into their workplace, but because of the goal to “gain audience attention” or to “be different then the norm”, these codes are continuously ignored. The decision on whether or not to be ethical is considered a process that involves critical reasoning about moral questions and analyzing the purpose of ethical reasoning. Understanding and complementing “why” you make the decisions that you make will allow you to see the underlying philosophy of your mindset. A number of different ways for determining the ethical decision making process exist: values, stakeholders, or loyalties are some of the points that are mentioned in the article, “Ethical Foundations and Perspectives”. Drumwright and Murphy’s article, “How Advertising Practitioners View Ethics”, opened my mind to how often an advertising agency looks over ethical principals. Most advertisers do not even realize that certain things are not ethical (moral myopia). Another concern that was brought up is when a group of advertisers discuss their campaign, and individuals recognize moral dilemmas within the campaign but they choose not to say anything about them (moral muteness). These two points have gathered my attention in hope to figure out a way to stop the moral ignorance within an agency. How can one encourage members in their agency to not sit back in silence when they know that a campaign is unethical? That is still a question that is being discussed today in hopes to find an answer. My personal view of the role of ethics can similarly related to the points...
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