Examing the current state of the profession

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  • Published : January 24, 2014
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Examing the Current State of the Profession

Multi-Cultural Issues in Mental Health Counseling
November 18, 2013

Examing the Current State of the Profession
“Multicultural counseling/therapy means understanding the worldviews and life experiences of diverse groups in our nation” (Sue, 2013, p.89). Understanding people’s attitudes and past experiences shape who they are as individuals. The true beauty of our society is the ability to encounter all walks of life and learn from each other, rather than fear one another. Counselors see firsthand culturally diverse clients and must take into consideration their beliefs and attitudes and give the most effective care. Significant Historical Changes that Influenced Cultural Counseling Education

The education of counselors and therapist are derived from a Euro-American perspective. The curriculum and matriculation through programs of higher learning are based on Euro-American experiences. Because of the vast changes in the diverse population counselors have become culturally competent. They do not just take into account educational training, but incorporate the understanding of worldviews by their diverse clientele. According to D.W. Sue counselors do not have to experience the diversity of their clients, but can understand their views without judgment (2013). Therapeutic Treatment and Training

Therapeutic treatment and training has also historically changed in cultural counseling. The concept of one approach for all clients has been drastically challenged. Marginalized members of society are skeptical of formalized processes of therapy. Because of cultural differences therapist must use different approaches to yield positive results, “talk-therapy” and self-disclosure are not always conducive to different minority groups. Traditional therapy settings have also been reevaluated while treating the culturally diverse. Counselors have left the comfort of their office of couches and flush...