Examined Life

Topics: Meaning of life, The Examined Life, Personal life Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Nancy Rosas
The Examined life according to me

According to Socrates, the unexamined life is not worth living. What is this so called unexamined life? When Socrates talked about the unexamined life, he talks about a life where the person does not question their purpose in the life choices they decided to take. Rather the person lives a self fulfilling life with what they believe will make them happy, such as money, wealth, reputation and self interest.The examined life according to Socrates is the life where the person does not allow one possibility to pull them in, but rather they question moral circumstances and begin to find many possible solutions to them. I believe that when a person has morals they can begin to find better solutions that do not affects others, but rather improves us by bringing happiness and soul satisfaction . I want to tell everyone why I feel the examined life brings true happiness. First one who lives the examined life can feel a sense of motivational purpose. The reason is because they seek to find answers in daily tasks,this can lead to a road path of many questions such as what is the meaning of their life. When ones begins to question situations and what this situations can mean, they get a motivation to seek and find answers.This is just like going to a job, there will be a set of goals one must meet for the day in order to get rewarded. In terms this motivates the employee to set a goal to finish the task.Once the person achieves the goal, they can feel grateful and happy for either progressing the life of the employer or employment. But if the person does not fallow with the plan of action they can anticipate failure, but this situation does not mean a mean to all ends. Rather the person can return to the task the following day and improve. This is why I feel the examiner can find the meaning and purpose of life through any activity when they set goal and accomplish them. On February 2013 I...
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