Examine the Ways in Which Sociologists Have Explained the Process of Socialisation

Topics: Sociology, Structure and agency, Anthony Giddens Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: May 12, 2013
EXAMINE THE WAYS IN WHICH SOCIOLOGISTS HAVE EXPLAINED THE PROCESS OF SOCIALIZATION. Sociologists explained the process of socialisation in many different ways – they have looked at all factors which could occur in such process. The socialisation starts within the family and relatives where babies are imposed to four processes identified by Oakley as: manipulation, canalization, verbal appellations and differential activity exposure. Through these, parents teach their children things such as eating, dressing, talking and behaving suitably (manners, socialising with other kids) in order to help them successfully function in society later in life. Sometimes, parents tend to hold hegemonic stereotyped views of typical characteristics of boys and girls which are used as norms when socialising their children, in order to help them get accepted within the society – boys and girls are expected to behave in certain ways. Feminists would argue that because of such socialisation, women have a worse start when growing up (eg. always has been taught to be emotional and obey men) and therefore possess less power and opportunities in the society. This well explains the process of socialisation, however, Marxists would disagree, as they believe that it does not matter what gender you are – their view would be that social class is the most important factor that influences the process of socialisation. This suggests that if a girl or a boy has been immersed in upper class’ culture, due to the parents’ habitus, both of the genders would have equal chances to gain power and status in society through their natural confidence, private-schooling, parent’s contacts etc. This is supported by Bourdieu’s cultural capital which suggests that being brought up by the parents with the education, knowledge, language, attitudes and values possessed by the upper-class - will have an impact on the process of primary socialisation because, as Marxists believe, social class is the most crucial...
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