Examine the Ways in Which Home Factors May Affect Social Class Differences in Educational Achievement (20 Marks)

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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There are a lot of different factors that can affect a child’s educational achievement; their social background has a strong influence on the achievement and success that they may get during their lives. For example a child from a middle class background is on average more likely to attain a higher success than one from a working class background, and the class gap between the achievement levels gets wider and wider the older that the children get. A good way of explaining why some children have a higher success rate is to do with what their parents can afford and sometimes even the people that they might know; this can generally have an effect because it means that a parent that has more money can send their child to a private school because they can pay for it. Many people tend to believe that private schools can provide their child with a better educational experience and help them to get the best possible grades more so than a state/public school could do. Money is a very big factor when it comes to educational achievement, it is the difference between what kinds of schools a child may go and also what kind of equipment they will have access to. Children that come from working class families that don’t have as much money as those that come from middle class families could end up missing out on educational experiences because they don’t have the money to pay for them but also they may lose out on some of the most important equipment that could help when it comes to enhancing their educational achievement levels. To achieve a great educational success, it can be very expensive and for working class parents this can generally be a burden on their financial state therefore meaning that they encourage their children to get a job and start earning money a lot more early than a parent of a middle class child might. If a child does start to work while they are trying to stay in school as well it could lead to them not being able to concentrate on both as well as each...
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