Examine the New Right SOT of the family

Topics: Family, Mother, Marriage Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Examine the New Right SOT of the family

The New Right are a group of people that believe in tradition; they are strongly against change and support the conservative party. The New Right see the ideal family as heterosexual couples with two or three children as an outcome and symbolic meaning of the love between the man and women, otherwise known as a ‘Nuclear family.’ The commitment between the man and women should demonstrate through a marriage and the responsibilities within the marriage will have a clear sexual division of labour. New Right thinkers rule out any other family structure and the new right views on the family reflect a familial ideology. The ideology is transmitted through different sections such as religious leaders, media, advertising, politicians and pressure groups. The New Right believe that originally husbands and wives were once strongly committed to one and other for life and they raised their children to give them the most up right respect and also respect social institutions, for example the law. New Right thinkers called this the golden age, where everything followed a certain order. In the Early 1960’S and 1970’S, the New Right saw that the views of a traditional family value began to be questioned and destroyed especially by the state; they marked this as the beginning of family decline. New right looked at new acts and law legislations that have come into place for example, ‘Equal pay act’ which they saw as misleading the women from their natural careers as being mothers and housewives and instead this act encouraged them to work and peruse their dreams which may mean that they will be earning as much money or maybe even more money than their husband. Another act that the New Right looks at as an attack by the state is the ‘Divorce Reform act’ which was introduced in 1969 which they saw undermined the commitment of marriage between and man and women. New Right do have evidence to back up their beliefs for example nowadays in the...
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