Examine the Main Trends in Births and Deaths in the Uk

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Essay: Examine the main trends in births and deaths in the UK since 1900.

This essay focuses on the main trends in births and deaths have changed in the UK since 1900. The changes in births such as the overall fall in both birth rates and total fertility as well the main ‘baby booms’. Moreover for deaths, the focus would be on the trend since the 1900’s which was a fairly steady number however became a falling rate as the population grew and this will be done by not only describing the trends but the causations too. Some of the causes in death rate and infant mortality rate include better nutrition, improved housing and environmental health as well immunization. Furthermore the focus in births changes would be because of the position in women, introduction of the contraception pill as well as infant mortality and children becoming an economic liability. By assessing the focus would also be upon how these changes in trends have affected the ageing population on the dependency ratio.

* The number of births affects the population size and ‘birth rate’ is defined as the number of live births per 1000 of the population per year. There has actually been a decline in birth rates since 1900 with England and wales having a birth of 28.7 but by 2007 had fallen to an estimated 10.7. Moreover with the ‘baby booms’ after World War 2 there have been fluctuations in birth rates with birth rates falling during the 1970’s, rising in the 80’s, falling in the 90’s but increasing in the 21 century. ‘Baby booms’ refers to the increase in the number of babies being born at a particular time (these especially occurred in the 20th century when servicemen would return home and the effect this has was an increase in birth rates). * In addition the total fertility rate that is the average number of children women will have during their fertile years. The factors that affect the birth rate are the proportion of women having children but also their fertility. The uk’s TFR has...
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