Examine the Environmental Impacts of Development on the Coast and the Conflict It Causes

Topics: Sustainability, Algae, Water Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Examine the environmental impacts of development on the coast and the conflict it causes (10).

(1)VISUAL POLLUTION – big ugly container ports eg Dibden – Southampton. The coast is traditionally a very attractive place that is why there has been a process of:

COASTALISATION - increasing population density along the coastlines, as people seek a better quality of life outside of cities and inland areas which leads to:

(2)SEWAGE – more pressure of housing and growth of coastal resorts means that there is more (3)LITTER and more sewage in the sea

More building and increased industry on the coast =(4) LOSS OF UNIQUE HABITATS – Salt Marsh that develops behind spits and on river estuaries is a protected ecosystem, that supports unique plants and animals

Lots of industrial boat traffic = (5)INCREASED RISK OF OIL SPILLS

Lots of industrial boat traffic = more anti foul paint on the bottom of boats = (6)HEAVY METAL POLLUTION

Lots of industrial boat traffic = ships fill their ballast tanks with water to balance them with. Usually they fill with some plant and animal matter too – this means that species from one place are transport to another and released as the ballast tanks are opened. This (7)INTRODUCES NON ENDEMIC (NOT FROM ROUND HERE) SPECIES THAT UPSET THE ECOSYSTEM.

Tourism – building hotels, need a lot of water, lower the (8)WATER TABLE AND CAUSE SALINISATION (getting more salty) .

More factories on the coast – release (9)WARMER WATER from the manufacturing process, increasing the growth of algae in the water, they use up all the oxygen making it anoxic and the fish die.

Farming on the coast – releases fertilisers into the water and causes(10) EUTROPHICATION – which is the algae doing the same thing as above.

(11) Conflicts – between all the stakeholders: Council & government, residents, factory owners/Shipping companies, local businesses, farmers, tourists and recreational users, conservationists and environmental groups. Basic...
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