Examine the Benefits and Problems of International Voluntary Migration of Both the Source Country and Destination.

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  • Published : November 18, 2008
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Wikipedia defines migration as written below
“Migration denotes any movement by humans from one locality to another, often over long distances or in large groups”. An International Volunteered migrant is a person who has chosen (not forced) to leave his/her country to move to a different country. The process is called International Volunteered Migration Mexican’s leaving their home town to find jobs in America; is a very good example of international volunteer migration. They decide to go to the US in search of a better life; since they cross to another country their migration is international. California in the mid nineteenth century was thinly populated inhabited mostly by the Native American’s. That soon changed when a groups of migrants started arriving from all over the world these were mainly European settlers. But it wasn’t until the mid 20th century that the Mexican’s started entering the U.S.A. Mexico’s ranking in the worlds wealth list is far from the top. The counties low standard of living, insufficient amount of jobs, poor education and health provisions drive the citizens away from the country seeking a better living condition. At the beginning they migrated seasonally helping out in the farm lands mostly in California when it was time to harvest. They went back to their families in Mexico after wards. But after a while the people from Mexico started migrating permanently in to the US because they thought they would get a better life opportunity. Even if the Mexican migrants obtaining things like social security, welfare system, health care and so on from the American government is considered a drain to the economy, the Mexican migrants contribute to the economy immensely. For instance they take the dirtiest, toughest, most unwanted jobs. Finding labor force for farms, packing vegetables, construction area’s, hotels, restaurants and so on was hard to find a few years back in America. But this Problem was solved when the Mexican’s started...
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